Network Activities

The NSN Network will foster collaboration among educators and employers to improve the employability skills of technicians in STEM-related occupations. The Network’s Community of Practice will facilitate interdisciplinary conversations enabling members to share promising practices to advance employability skills instruction across the STEM disciplines.

Because of its commitment to producing well-qualified science and engineering technicians for the modern workplace, the NSF-ATE program is well-suited for cultivating this type of collaboration.

Who Can Join?
Any interested individual from industry, community and technical colleges, and the research community is encouraged to join. If you’re concerned about the employability skills of the future STEM workforce and want to collaborate with others seeking solutions, the NSN Network is a resource for you.

What's the Cost?
There is no cost to join the NSN Network. Network activities are supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program.

What Will the Network Do?
In addition to producing the Employability Skills Exchange newsletter, the NSN Network will host events such as webinars, listening sessions, and conference meet-ups, with a focus on three themes related to employability skills:

  • Promising Instructional Practices
  • Workplace Expectations
  • Putting Research into Practice

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