Professional Development

The NSN Network offers professional development in two formats to support employability skills instruction.

Workshop (Half-Day)

Designed for community and technical college faculty and administrators, our workshop covers the following topics.

  • Employers’ perspective on in-demand employability skills
  • Embedding employability skills into existing courses
  • Developing scenarios to set the stage
  • Creating student activities that model essential workplace skills
  • Assessment and teaching resources

Workshops are offered as preconference events prior to state / national conferences and at community and technical colleges upon request. To host a workshop at your institution, please complete our workshop request form.

Online Course (5 weeks)

A cohort-focused facilitator-led online course provides training on methods and tools that can enhance employability skills instruction. This course is designed for faculty only and requires a time commitment of approximately 7 hours per week. Course completers receive a digital badge, certificate, and a small stipend. An outline of the course follows.

Necessary Skills Now: Integrating Technical and Employability Skills

Week 1:
Share employability skills from national reports and NSN’s national industry advisors; participants report common employability skills identified by their industry partners and discuss challenges to teaching those skills.

Week 2:
Compare models of employability skills instruction. Share examples of varied approaches and discuss student outcomes, potential employer benefits/outcomes, and overall effect on skill development and mastery.

Week 3:
Deep dive into the integrated instruction model using skills matching and scenario development exercises. Participants draft scenarios for integrated lesson/project and identify employer partner(s) with whom to collaborate on future content development.

Week 4:
Discussion on key considerations for developing student activities that model workplace situations. Development of SLOs and teaching/learning activities for integrated lesson/project.

Week 5:
Discussion on selecting assessment strategies that promote learning. Participants draft assessment tool(s) to complete integrated lesson/project. Peer feedback on lesson/project draft.

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