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In most card games, you’re dealt a hand from a fixed deck that affects your chance of winning. This site will help you STACK THE DECK so you can win at life by playing the right competency “card” in class and in employment interviews. As you start your career, you’ll keep winning because playing the right cards at work will make you an effective and respected employee. Build your hand by seeking out experiences that connect to your goals and help you tell a story about what you’ve done – and why. It’s time to start walking the path toward your career journey: to discover, to create, and to live your story. Enjoy the path! It’s yours.


The U.S. Department of Labor’s Competency Model can help map your lifelong journey toward personal and professional growth. Standards in five categories specify what employees are expected to know, and how they are expected to act.

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The competency “cards” on this site break the categories of the DOL Engineering Competency Model into challenges based on common interview questions asked by leading technology and manufacturing companies. Life has already helped you meet some of the challenges. Stacking the Deck will give you opportunities to talk about your past experiences and help you identify new opportunities to practice employability skills daily.

Get Started with the 7 competency cards in the Personal Effectiveness deck.

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